“I’m not an easy man”: 4 reasons to see this movie

Damien (Vincent Elbaz) is that a guy can’t be macho. Ladies, he enjoys them just as far as he yells them. They exist to meet his joy, to guarantee his excellence. 1 afternoon, after having struck on a pole in the road, he drops stunned and warms up … at a parallel universe where girls whistle guys in the road , hold the reins of power and also inflict matriarchy in most strata of this society.

By Falling in love with Alexandra (Marie-Sophie Ferdane), a powerful author who assembles guys as a youngster hastens the marbles, Damien is going to as and if, mix within these new societal codes of their manlyeverything slipping towards the motion of their masculinists, a bunch of guys who protest against gender inequalities. Get  free hd movie download easy man here for free of cost.


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Top Most Anticipated Films

For the first time in this section we talk about a movie premiere that does not premiere in theaters: War machine, one of the highlisghts of the week that can be seen exclusively on Netflix.  Here, list of top most anticipated hd movies download for every time:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

Pirates of the Caribbean Salazars Revenge

The story: New adventure of the unfortunate Captain Jack Sparrow, who encounters ghostly pirates led by his old nemesis, the terrifying Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) who escape from the Devil’s Triangle determined to kill all the pirates who sail the seas including him. Captain Jack’s only hope for survival lies in the quest for the legendary Trident of Poseidon, a powerful gadget that allows controlling the seas to whoever possesses it.

Pirates that have been 14 years sailing the seas with the saga devised by Disney will see the faces in the charts with the adaptation of the graphic novel Wilson, the successful Argentine comedy I married with a boludo or an Italian thriller with a monk that will face The economic powers.

  • Wilson


Wilson is a lonely, neurotic, funny and honest middle-aged misanthrope who reconciles with his wife, from whom he had separated, and who is given a new opportunity to be happy when he discovers that he has a teenage daughter whom he did not know. In a rather extravagant and twisted way, he proposes to connect with her. This adaptation of a comic by Daniel Clowes does not tarnish the success of this excellent independent cartoonist in the cinema, since the versions of Ghost world  and art school confidential  were very good. Craig Johnson is not Terry Zwigoff, director of the two previous ones, so Wilson  loses critical bellows, but it is attractive. Harrelson enters under the skin of this antihero weighted by deaths, separations and revelations, To have a daughter. Sharper in the Hollywood sense than the comic, even with a point of corrosion.

  • Kong: Skull Island


Kong: Isla Calavera puts us 25 years after Carl Denham  surprised the world by introducing the immense primate known as King Kong to a crowd of astonished citizens in the Alhambra Theater. Now, it is Denham’s son who becomes the protagonist of the story, making a new and important discovery that takes him to the place where his father began his great adventure: Skull Island. There, the researcher struggles to find the answers that would clarify the great mystery of the century and even the most incredible miracle in the history of mankind.

  • Beauty and the Beast


A beautiful young woman named Bella  agrees to stay in a castle with a beast in exchange for her father’s freedom. The beast is actually an enchanted prince. To break the spell, you must win the love of a beautiful lady before the last petal of an enchanted rose falls.